User Behaviour Shifts During Lockdown and Beyond: Offer Verticals Thriving in Crisis – Overview by Yep Ads

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As lockdown measures are being cautiously lifted across Europe, it is now more than clear that the corona crisis has caused massive shifts in consumer behaviour. Although the long-term impact of this black swan event remains largely unknown, some of its effects such as the digitalization of almost all aspects of our daily life are obvious.

In this blog post, we would like to break down emerging user behaviour patterns by vertical and also talk about what to expect after the lockdown.


User Behavior Shifts During Lockdown and Beyond: Offer Verticals Thriving in Crisis. Overview by Yep Ads

People are confined to the safety of their homes and are unable to go to a mall or their local grocery store. This is already causing a major shift towards online shopping, and much of the recent data suggests that this is a lasting trend.

In April alone, the retail sector saw an impressive 209% growth in global e-commerce sales compared to the same period last year, ACI Worldwide reports. As the lockdown continued, the e-commerce sector grew rapidly, resulting in a 60.2% rise in non-food online sales in May.

E-commerce has become the “new normal”, and after the outbreak ends, consumers are likely to prefer online shopping over offline, be it grocery, clothes, or electronics. 

Streaming services & VOD

Digital content consumption is on the rise as people are stuck inside. Thanks to lockdown, streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are getting millions of new sign-ups each month. 
While older generations seem to favor traditional TV streaming, Gen Xers are into video content on YouTube and other social networking platforms. So, it may be worth taking a while to study each generation’s preferences and expectations to deliver tailor-made marketing campaigns and maximize conversions.


User Behavior Shifts During Lockdown and Beyond: Offer Verticals Thriving in Crisis.. Overview by Yep Ads I-gaming

The same principle applies here: people spend more time at home and are seeking entertainment, as well as relief from boredom and anxiety. Especially in these trying times. This is exactly the reason why online gaming offers are seeing a rise in their revenue

Social casinos and other gambling-related products are also forecasted to continue growing. And although free-of-charge gambling simulations without profit-making opportunities might have seemed a pointless activity some time ago, they are becoming increasingly relevant now as people are losing their income.

WebCam & Online dating

Human interaction is one of the basic needs that we have and that has not been fully met in the era of social distancing. In response to this lack of communication, online dating and adult offers such as WebCam and live chats are witnessing huge spikes

According to certain camming sites, the number of new viewers has grown twofold this year as compared to early 2019. Online dating apps are also exploding during the lockdown and there’s enough evidence that virtual video dates are here to stay after the world recovers from Covid-19.

Communication software & collaboration apps

The outbreak has given a powerful boost to the digitalization of work and social life. People working remotely are the main consumers of video conferencing apps and collaboration tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and many more. 

As the lockdown is being gradually eased, the work-from-home trend is only gaining momentum. Turns out having employees work remotely is beneficial for businesses and workers alike who find that they are now spending their time more productively. 

The Covid-19 Pulse Survey released on June 15 claims that more than half of US CFOs are planning to make remote work a permanent option for positions that allow it. Since remote work becomes the norm for many, the demand for video conferencing and collaboration apps is set to reach record highs.

Work-from-home offers

The same Pulse Survey revealed that some 30% of leaders are expecting layoffs in the next month. However, whether the employees will lose their jobs or not, people are already concerned about their financial well-being as household incomes are dropping globally. 

This opens up a lot of opportunities for those who promote remote money-making offers such as filling surveys, etc., investment offers, as well as online education courses and offers teaching money-making skills.

Health and safety products

Coronavirus is spreading panic across the globe, which has both negative and positive repercussions. For one, people are more concerned about their health and safety. Offers that are in demand right now include medical and psychological support, insurance, and coronavirus-related offers such as face masks, sanitizers, gloves, and immune-boosting medications.

Moreover, weight loss pills and fitness offers are expected to surge in popularity once more people are allowed to leave their homes. Stress eating out of anxiety and loneliness has become a common issue during the lockdown, which is bound to result in increased weight loss product sales.

A lot of changes caused by the coronavirus outbreak and the ensuing lockdown have proved to be irreversible. People and businesses have become more open to all things digital, be it online shopping, video content, web learning opportunities, or remote working apps. Most of these user behaviour shifts are here to stay, which is offering a pool of new opportunities for affiliate marketing professionals.

If you are an affiliate marketer and wish to use this crisis to your advantage, be sure to reach out to us and we will help you pick up the right offers to promote in these challenging yet opportunity-rich times.

Yep Ads Team


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