YepCast EP.4 Affiliate Marketing & Spy Tools

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In any type of business, it is important to have an idea of what the competition is doing. In the affiliate marketing industry, spy tools help get insights on the latest trends and draw inspiration to create something new and exciting to show your audience. 

In our fourth YepCast episode, together with Alex Omelianovych, the CMO of AdPlexity, we dive into this spy tool and its secrets

Adplexity was first created by the founder, Ziga Naglic, for his own needs as an affiliate and only later he understood the power of such a tool for the industry. Now, it is considered one of the leading platforms in the market. 

A question that arises during our conversation with Alex is whether it is legal for a platform to show all the data and to let people “spy” and “copy” from others. Alex explains that the information provided by AdPlexity is nothing more than data which can also be found by digging more into campaigns, so nothing illegal. The platform makes it easier to look for the necessary data and makes it available all in one place. So, in other words, it makes your life easier! 

Are you interested to know how a spy tool can help affiliates with the creation of their campaigns? Would you like to get a better understanding of AdPlexity and the latest trends? Then listen to the full episode here, also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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Stay tuned!

Yep Ads team


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