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Affiliate’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

All Lover’s day is just a few weeks away so it’s high time to prepare for one of the most beloved holidays of the year and it’s up to you to make the most of it.

As Valentine’s day is a heavily consumer-centered holiday every affiliate can find a way to make some profit in the upcoming weeks, especially those of you running dating offers. In this article, we would like to give you few insights into the opportunities the 14th of February brings us.

Finding a one

Affiliates running dating offers know that the core target audience is single people looking for love (or not looking as much as wishing for), most of the target audience are males from 25 to 45 years old. 

If you are on the fence about choosing geo for your campaigns go with the Tier 1 geos, remember: Valentine’s day is a catholic holiday, and most Catholics live in Europe and the USA and Canada (and the conversion payouts there are so much higher). 

If you want to go even further remember that love is borderless and doesn’t really care about gender and orientation, everyone wants to be loved! 

While we are on the subject, love can be found everywhere, it may be a place where no one is looking or everyone is. We are talking about cams, after all, real human connection is one of the main advantages of these kinds of offers and you can let people know that virtual love can be almost as real…

Finding a keyhole to one’s heart

In your creatives be subtle as no one really wants to be reminded that they are single rather than being sold the idea of finding love for that special day. And don’t hesitate to check out last year’s holiday promotions to see what was run at that time in 2020, to get inspired by the best practices. 

Don’t stick to a single version of your creative — make them different, all shapes and sizes, remember?

But choose an offer accordingly. 

When it comes to headlines and CTAs you are still offering one night stand, but still imply that this is a way not to be alone at least on Feb. 14th. (yeah, it may seem weird for most of the dating offers). 

So it’s all about it’s time to find your love, find that special someone, find your missing part, and so on (there are already so many headlines in existence, pick and choose). 

As for more practical advice (that you probably already know):

  • Match the language of your creative to the geo (European doesn’t mean English-speaking!);
  • Love is fleeting, so create a sense of urgency;
  • Finding love in the 21st century is always a few clicks and messages away! So use an “unread message” approach;
  • Images of people always lead to higher CR;
  • Dating offers show the best results when people are relaxed and are casually browsing the internet, so you won’t get high results if your campaigns are run during busy work hours.

Show them what they are missing and help them find it!

Spreading love

So first, if you are not sure: ask your affiliate manager about last year’s best performing offers, after all, they already have the data and are most definitely ready to share some insights. 

As for the traffic side of things here are a few pieces of advice:

Launch your campaigns in advance, to actually test out your creatives.

  • Initially go with the RON option to test out creatives and publishers as well.
  • Pay attention to the CTR, as you need high CTR to see what draws the most attention, to run during the actual holiday (wouldn’t it be nice to know what would work during the day when people are ready to pay to find that special someone)
  • Identify the best performing creatives and scale them
  • Make sure that your creatives match or at the very least relate to the pre-landers and landers

If you can find the site traffic stats from the last year — you know what to do 🙂

For couples too

Okay, so now you have a general idea on the dating vertical during Valentine’s holiday but are there any other verticals and that can perform well and make you a few bucks in the process?

Yes, there are.

And it’s an oblivious one: physical products. 

Everyone eventually forgets to get him or her the present. Thankfully, so many online stores and shops are here to help the customer (and share a commission with you).

In this category you can go with all of the gift ideas you can imagine, toys, cooking, tools, lingerie, and everything up to gift cards (that can actually be a sweepstake offer…).

Work on your prelanders! You absolutely must convince the user that the package will be delivered on time (the 15th of February is a good day, but not that good). 

«limited time offer, with free delivery to the door, and you have only 15 minutes before the next “guaranteed arrival shipment” will be dispatched, so hurry…»

So good luck in the upcoming weeks and hope that you don’t break any hearts!

Yep Ads Team