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Affiliate Marketing and Clubhouse. Overhyped Trend or a Legitimate Place for You, and Your Business?

Every once in a while we see an app that takes the world by storm. Clubhouse is the latest example of such a tendency, less than a year-old app had skyrocketed in just a few months, and then everyone was in the Clubhouse. 

The reasons for this hype are debated, some say that Elon Musk has said just a few words and then like a domino everyone started getting in, some say that people were eager to talk to someone in a less formal but still engaging manner. Still, it seems like everyone who has an iPhone is there, and there is nothing we can do about it…or is there? 

Affiliates in Clubhouse 

As affiliates are always on the lookout for trends, and Clubhouse is definitely one, we would like to see if there is something worth your while.

The short answer is yes.

As Clubhouse is all about discussions and affiliates always have a lot to talk about, Clubhouse provides a cornucopia of chats and discussions on almost every topic imaginable. So if you are looking for a new way of connecting with like-minded people then Clubhouse is the place for you to talk and learn something new, or just share your opinion and expertise.

And, as you can see, affiliate marketers have already formed communities and some of them are lead by industry legends such as Lorenzo Green. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as more and more companies and people are forming their communities and rooms.

Is Clubhouse profitable?

We wouldn’t say so, at least for now. 

As Clubhouse is an invite-only app, you can’t just stumble there, so the user base eventually will be capped at some amount and the growth is already somewhat stagnant. Clubhouse is an iOS exclusive app. It means that the audience there knows what they are looking for and in Clubhouse’ case people entering are going there to listen to someone, so no – there is no infinite news feed, filled with ads placements. 

And as you know on most affiliate offers CR is noticeably lower with iOS users…

But if a good conversation of value to you then you can greatly profit from this app as it looks to be a good substitute for lumping forums of old and hectic chats that can scare you with the amounts of unread messages.

So as a traffic source Clubhouse isn’t much. Again – for now, but we would keep a close eye on it.

Once you are in

Couple Recording Podcast Or Broadcasting Interview On Radio In Studio At Home With Laptop

As you can see Clubhouse has a lot to offer straight away. Be it topical discussions, influencer’s channels, or something else it’s entirely up to you. 

Joining chats and groups are easy as it is, and you definitely can figure out navigation but if you want to create your rooms and set the tone of the discussion then you’ll need something more than just the default tools. 

Beware: a lot of club-somethings coming your way.

Clublink — a tool for you to make your Clubhouse link easy and available for social networks sharing

Clubhype — make a preview of your chat room or a channel for social networks

Gethostnotes — make your events bigger and better! Collect RSVPs, tips, set up an agenda, set the rules, share links, and more!

Withcomet — similar to the previous one this one helps you create and organize events of a larger scale without hiccups 

Clubhousebio — well, it’s in the name. Bios are the first thing people see, so make an effort.

Club Recorder — recording tool for Clubhouse events, this one isn’t free, but it’s better to pay a bit than miss a whole much. 

Luma for Clubhouse – an all-in-one tool for you to create an event page for Clubhouse event with built-in Room analytics & monetization features!

So as you can see, or rather hear, Clubhouse is a promising social network, that provides its users with the essence of social interaction: talking to each other. Right now everyone who has an iPhone is using Clubhouse and it is a good way to connect with your fellow affiliates, influencers, or maybe just friends. 

As a traffic source for CPA-modelled advertising, Clubhouse is not really a go-to destination, for the aforementioned reasons, but maybe with time, someone will find a way to make a good buck on Clubhouse audience.  

See you in Clubhouse

Yep Ads Team