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The Tools of Titans. Essential instruments for the successful affiliate

In any line of work, you will always rely on your tools. This can be applied to anyone from a  run-of-the-mill blacksmith to a software developer. Affiliate marketers are no exception, so what are the right tools for the job? That’s exactly what we are going to cover in this article.

You can’t keep track of all your campaigns. But a tracker can

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A tracker is an essential tool for any affiliate, as all of the traffic needs to be analyzed. There are many solutions on the market, but you don’t need any tracker, you need the one that will suit you.

As of now, one of the most reliable trackers is the Binom tracker. It’s a self-hosted fully customizable tracker with a plethora of settings and functions, starting from simple integration with traffic sources to advanced features like hiding your landing page from spy-services and helping you combat fraudulent traffic with its anti-fraud solution. Track Revenue is a high-tech tracking solution for affiliates of every caliber, with integrated machine learning algorithms to boost your analytics and cutting edge SmartLink optimization to boost your campaigns.   For something ready to use out of the box, have a look at Redtrack that is used by many top guys and said to be cost-efficient, people also like Voluum for many reasons. Make your choice wisely. 

Getting inspired. Sorta. Spy-tools

You need your imagination to create something new and exciting to show people and you’ll need somewhere to draw inspiration, or, to put it better, to spy. 

There are tried and true products like AdPlexity for all you spying needs, but many new things are popping up and Visto is one of them, right now it boasts the largest collection of creatives from Facebook, so if you are running ads on the world’s biggest social network this tool will help you get the job done. And it is free. For now.

Or you can go DIY. You’ll need a customizable VPN (which, by the way, is a total must for affiliates!) and you are good to go, check out the sites and see what competitors are running. Nord VPN will help you get the job done. Stealthily, of course.

Also, for those of you concerned (reasonably) with the safety of their campaigns being monitored, there is a tool that hides your campaigns from the all-seeing eyes of spy-tools. It’s called Magicchecker, and it has already helped thousands of affiliates. 

Translation services

You can run campaigns in almost every geo in the world, but you can’t know all of the languages. Translation can prove crucial to the success of your campaigns, so you’d better take it seriously.

Of course, there is almighty Google Translate, but most of the time it won’t be enough and you will have to use something more powerful.

Deepl is an example of a machine translator, that is more powerful than Google. And yet, it may not be enough (because computers haven’t mastered human speech…yet) so if you want your creatives translated by someone who speaks the language you can rely on onehourtranslation. They provide quality translation services by native speakers in a very limited time. So that’s pretty much in the name. Transey is another option here, it’s said to be cheaper and even faster. The service is created by IamAttila – the top man in the game, so it should be affiliate friendly.

You don’t have to do it all by yourself — Automation tools

For some of you, there will be so many repetitive tasks that you’ll wish you learned to program when you had that chance. Not to worry, as there are automation tools that can be pretty easily utilized for affiliates’ needs.

Zennoposter is one of the simpler solutions for affiliates looking to automate their tasks. There already are a lot of developed templates, and you can always design something new in a simple editor.

For those of you running Facebook ads, DOLPHIN can be an all-in-one solution for all of your automation needs. You can set up and manage all of your campaigns from a single window, no matter if you work alone with 3 accounts or have a team of people running ads from 300. DOLPHIN is there to help.

Every penny is worth a click! Financial Tools

Affiliate marketing is all about handling your cash smart. You spend some you make some, but if you spend smart you will get even more!

You have to have your cash handled properly, and there are tools for that too. You need to have the right array of online wallets, bank cards, and accounts so you can lose less on commissions and transaction fees.

There are services such as Payoneer, Capitalist, Neteller, and WebMoney. 

All of them are used by affiliates for a variety of occasions and tasks. While Payoneer is widely used by freelancers (some of whom you’ll be someday hiring), Capitalist is a go-to payment solution for many affiliate networks. WebMoney is a very old system with a lot of flexibility in everything except its transaction fees. And Neteller is a preferred payment solution for those working with betting and gambling.

They can help you save money, and remember: commissions stack! And you don’t want that. So make sure that you choose the right card for the right transaction.

UPD: one of the financial services for affiliates — ePayments is making a comeback!

You are not alone. Forums

Affiliate marketing is all about partnerships you create, and there are hundreds of affiliates you are following. Some of them can help you as someone helped them before. The affiliate community is always there to help! But where do you go for help?

There are a few forums that are seemingly as old as affiliate marketing: such as STM, Warrior Forum, and AffiliateFix. You know them, but there are more:  For affiliates from the CIS region, Affbooster and can be of interest, for those of you speaking Spanish — check out Forobeta, if you speak French  — come and visit HackerDeCroissance.

Some of the forums require a fee, but in the long run, those relationships will help you achieve your goals. 

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