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Level Up in Affiliate Marketing with the Help of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a new mainstream – you probably have heard about it already. People are concerned about losing their job from a bot like this; but is this AI technology really all that it’s cracked up to be? More importantly, how does this affect affiliate marketing?

Worry not, for we have gone to the lab for some testing, and we are back with the results. While the tool is far from being perfect, especially when it comes to data analytics, it can help people out in many spheres – complement, not replace them.

Prepare to learn how to use it for text writing and editing, coding and code checking, generating creatives, quick learning, and how not to fall into the hidden traps of this cunning AI.

Make Natural-Sounding Texts

The most common application of ChatGPT is to create, translate, correct, or edit texts — an important line of work of any affiliate marketer. This texting tool requires special attention for the factual mistakes that can creep into the text generated. While the tool is not so flawless that it could replace the labor of a writer or editor, it can definitely make their lives easier. For example, you can quickly generate 10 pieces of text for your Call-to-Action buttons:

ChatGPT is also good at working with the already written texts: separating text paragraphs with bullet points, highlighting keywords with bold font, or creating SEO-friendly headlines. The headline of the article, for instance, was created with the help of ChatGPT. 

Additionally, the tool can make a brief summary from the pieces of text you upload. This can help to mitigate the problem of plagiarism, by giving the key points you can base your very own text upon. We’ve got a helpful article about betting on our blog, which we decided to run through AI. Here is a shorten list of key takeaways, structured in bullet-points:

Save Time on Coding

You probably remember the pain in the neck of looking for a mistake in your piece of code, right? ChatGPT can be helpful for fixing, or even writing from scratch, some pieces of code. The bot saves a lot of time and effort, because it can create the program itself, based on the instructions. Not only it highlights the flaws in the code but also suggests the ways to fix them, alongside the explanations of why something is not working. For instance, you can generate a simple countdown timer for your landing page in a matter of minutes.

A coding assistant can prove helpful when it comes to designing landing pages, pre-landers, custom scripts of your own, page layouts etc. More details about code-editing and other capabilities can be found on the official website.

Generate Tons of Creatives

Media buyers are always on the lookout for visuals, designing landing pages, banners and other types of creatives. While ChatGPT will not make visuals for you on its own, you can rely on it to provide you with the list of keywords that can help you to create a certain ambiance. Although the list itself can be of no practical use, you can enter it to a different AI, capable of generating visual images based on the description loaded, e.g., Midjourney.

They say the AI technology is incompetent in drawing the ideas. However, with the right and complete set of words, you can visualize literally anything. After all, maybe one AI technology can explain to another one better what to do, allowing you to focus on more important tasks?

Furthermore, the bot is capable of writing songs and poetry. This is not limited to just texts, but expands to chord progressions, musical arrangements, sound design, and more. Perhaps one day the affiliates will turn their attention to making landing pages with music and verses?

Research Briefly a New GEO

How to start a campaign in a GEO you’ve never worked with before? ChatGPT can give you a general picture about the GEO of interest. For instance, if you have never driven traffic to India but want to promote something like a sportsbook, you can inquire about the population, platform usage, most popular sports, major events etc.

You can ask for more general things, like how to be creative, always productive, or what the marketing funnel is. Usually, the bot doesn’t make mistakes when generating non-specific knowledge but always be on guard and verify your findings, especially if you are going to refer to them. Also, remember that the knowledge base of the AI is up to the year 2021.

Remember Flaws & Limitations

You didn’t expect the tool to be a silver bullet to all the problems you have, did you? Even though the AI is capable of passing the exam at a law school or writing a PhD (not without your supervising), ChatGPT suffers from multiple drawbacks, some of which are explicitly mentioned by the developers:

A major setback is the credibility of the answers. ChatGPT makes the improbable news sound plausible. Therefore, always doubt the factual information obtained from the bot, like news, authorship, date of establishment etc.

Besides the obvious flaws of occasionally generating incorrect answers, corrupted or biased data, and possessing limited knowledge, there are other less obvious problems with using the bot.

For example, the connection is highly unstable and the demand for chatting is exceedingly high. Therefore, prepare to refresh your page often. Luckily, this issue can be fixed with the premium version of $20 per month.

The free version is also restricted with the request limit. Reaching the one will force you to give up on any interactions for an hour:

A more delicate problem is the safety of the data you enter. First, the software belongs to the OpenAI company, meaning nobody, except the employees, knows how the data gathered will be used. Furthermore, the developers explicitly say they may look through the information you input for the bot’s improvement. Just be aware of that fact, before loading any ideas or information of yours.

The quality of an answer depends on the quality of the question asked – trash in, trash out, which, if you think about it, is not the flaw of the AI technology at all. Of course, you are not limited to English only and can use your native tongue; but the problem here is that the bot is optimized for English. In other words, other languages may underperform, resulting in long lags and delays. Besides, sometimes you need the answer to be exactly in English.

While this is not really a drawback, but a limitation for sure – the AI doesn’t talk much about emotions and philosophy. However, with the right approach and a bit of creativity, it becomes possible to mitigate even this kind of limitation. Ask the bot to act as a philosopher, drunkard, terminal, or anything your imagination can suggest.


Make sure not to delegate all your work to the bot, because it is not that competent…yet. Supervise its activity but never cut the corners of editing everything afterward yourself. Give it a try, using the official website of the developer, and save your time and efforts on the most monotonous tasks with the help of ChatGPT.

Remember that the power ultimately lies in the hands and mind of a good and responsible affiliate. Never let go of the reins, no matter what, because you are the only one who knows how to do your work best. And if your work stagnates nonetheless, contact your faithful Yep Ads for assistance, we are ready to push through any roadblocks your traffic runs into.