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Making People’s Lives Better with Health Insurance, Home Improvements and Financial offers

So 2020 is behind us (finally) but the year has taught us many things and shone a light on so many new approaches to living that we couldn’t think before the quarantine, Zoom calls and staying home 8 days a week became a norm, while people’s needs remained the same, and no matter how many games you play and apps you install, some problems are a given and need to be dealt with constantly. 

Today we are going to talk about a few verticals that will see increasing popularity throughout 2021 and years to come (be it affiliate marketing or just general growth):

  1. Health insurance 
  2. Home Improvements 
  3. And financial and credit services. 

All of those verticals are as whitehat as they get, and people on the internet are looking for so much more than you can ever imagine and advertising networks (especially the big ones like Google and FB) are always glad to help someone whose business is actually caring about the end-user, so you won’t have to worry about being blocked and/or banned by the advertising network.

The most important thing is…

While staying at home many of us worried about one thing and one thing only – health. In a world where the only certain thing is uncertainty, insurance companies provide some degree of safety and insurance, especially given that the healthcare industry is one of the essentials. 

The Healthcare insurance industry is growing (despite the fact the big companies are pretty much covering the whole COVID situation for their clients), and people are offered healthcare insurance quotes that can help them make the first step towards being insured and healthy. 

And the only thing that is needed to receive their healthcare insurance quote is to sign up, so you, as an affiliate can help spread the information and receive commissions while helping people access healthcare. 

(what kind of ad network would ban for that?)

You can monetize your traffic from a variety of sources with a simple funnel and CPL model. As for the approach, your goal audience is the 40-45+ audience, without insurance or looking for a better deal. On Facebook go with the interest-based targeting (as most of the uninsured people do look for medical advice on social networks and the internet in general). And Google can definitely help you with your promotions, just set up your landing or transit page properly and make sure that you use the related keywords.

If you work with more traditional advertising networks — native advertising networks are a great fit, as the news approach is widely used for such offers, and given the hype around all things healthcare in 2020 is in full swing, you will definitely gain some solid results from there. 

Improving people quality of life

We did spend way too much time at home this year and tried our best to improve our homes, and as many of us found out it’s a lengthy and yet satisfying process. But it’s not just about making your place a smarter and cozier living space, it may be about fixing it up.

And that’s where you can kill two birds with one stone: help someone fix up their place and make some cash on the commission

For example: Fixing a roof in the USA can be a rather costly thing to do, but there has to be a cheaper way, right?

Yes, there is. The so-called roofing quote offers such as They may seem like a lead-gen offer where a person has to leave their contacts and receive the service he or she needs (in our case: roof repairing). 

There are many similar offers in Yep Ads, and the best thing is: houses break down all the time.

Just be on the lookout for the weather reports or make an offer people can’t refuse in your ads. 

Aim for homeowners, preferably the busy ones, avoid DIY-audience of any sort, and look for a 35-45+ audience if you are running Facebook Ads. Native advertising networks are a great fit for such offers, as such offers go well with news-related content and will do nicely near the weather forecasts.

But the best time to run such ads is when things get bad, meteorologically speaking. Blizzards, tornadoes, and storms are your friends as they naturally create the demand. And once the demand is in, you should spare no expense as the window of opportunity will be short. 

Cash up front. No questions asked

While COVID-crisis is in full swing more and more people plunge into less and less stable financial situations. And sometimes it takes just one thing, be it an accident or a celebration, to make people look for an additional source of income.

Or maybe someone wants to invest, or have a vacation, fix up a car…the list goes on. And so do the reasons for a person to seek some financial assistance. 

And with loan offers you can help people solve their problems or make their dreams come true

In your creative definitely go with the idea of big banks not approving loans and your offer being a quick and simple solution that is just a few clicks away. In Q1 of 2021 people will still need new loans and support that you can provide. 

Your audience is people who don’t own a home, but rather rent it (yep, Facebook knows this), and if they’ve googled some loans info then those advertising networks will assist you greatly. 

SMS-traffic is great for loans, but your contact lists should be either new or unused. And be careful misleading, money isn’t free, it’s a loan, and you don’t want to spoil your traffic quality. 

For all of those verticals do your research in spy-tools and form a list of negative keywords, so you don’t attract the so-called “branded” traffic. With native advertising networks avoid big news outlets. And stay “in the loop” so your creatives and campaigns are time-appropriate.

In conclusion

As you can see, those offers provide valuable and much-needed services to the community, with the target audience being anyone with a house (literally). Advertising networks would never say no to an ad that can actually improve people’s lives, so you wouldn’t have to worry about being banned and focus on working with traffic.

Contact your affiliate manager to find out more about Healthcare insurance, home improvements, and financial&credit services, and start monetizing your traffic with high-quality whitehat offers!

Yep Ads Team