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Push Traffic for Affiliates in 2022

Remarkably, push ads manage to stay relevant regardless of the situation in the market and the competition with new ad formats. In this article, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of push advertising and explore the ways push ads can be integrated into a conversion flow for various verticals. Moreover, we’ll take a look at some tips and tricks that will benefit your ad campaigns. Let’s go!

Main features of push traffic

To begin with, push format is not exactly young, but it is still worth your while. Push ads began with common push notifications on mobile devices (locked screen, in-app, or messenger) and in browsers. Traditional push notifications are short and catchy, they take up only a portion of the mobile screen and are absolutely unobtrusive on PC.

Push Traffic 2022 Affiliates affiliate marketing yep ads push notification

What are the strengths of this format?

Push Traffic 2022 Affiliates affiliate marketing yep ads push notification

  • Push ads are a quick way of growing your subscriber database due to a simple opt-in process that requires just one click (rarely two).
  • Traditional push notifications can contain an image, text, a headline, and a link. In addition to that, the so-called rich push format that is used in some browsers (Chrome, for instance) can hold an enlarged picture plus buttons.
  • Since push is a format that is available both on mobile and desktop devices, this provides for better retargeting opportunities across devices.
  • Push is a powerful user retention tool: a small reminder is usually enough to bring a user back to your app or website.
  • Since this format supports images, push ads are very customizable and suit diverse verticals and audiences.
  • The subscription opt-in rate of push notifications is about 81% for Android devices and 51% for iOS (with 4.6% and 3.4% CTR respectively).

Push Traffic 2022 Affiliates affiliate marketing yep ads push notification

Are there any drawbacks to this age-tested and minimalistic format?

  • Many PC users block push notifications by default without paying attention to the offer.
  • Due to the size factor, there is not much space for lengthy texts.

Popular verticals

Push format works best with products aimed at mobile devices (i.e., games, software, utilities) or subscription/deposit-based offers with a high chance of repeat purchases (such as casino, sports betting, and e-commerce that spurs binge buying). Such offer verticals as sweepstakes, finance, and dating are also worth mentioning.

Verticals such as dating, e-commerce, and sweepstakes may be easier to monetize with push ad campaigns since the target action does not involve a deposit or, in the case of e-commerce — it is not difficult to trigger an impulse purchase (remember those “really useful things” from eBay?).

Gambling, games, and software niches may require more persuasion on your part since the price tag of such products is relatively high or because they involve multiple transactions: in-game purchases, sports bets, and buying more spins of the fortune whe

Push Traffic 2022 Affiliates affiliate marketing yep ads push notification vertical

Many advertisers provide different terms for SOI and DOI leads, namely users who complete a single opt-in or a double opt-in. The double option involves verification by email or SMS. For affiliates, this means that running a DOI campaign will take up more in terms of traffic costs since it is more difficult to convince a person to complete two actions instead of one click. But at the same time will work better for more demanding verticals with higher payouts.

Promotional approaches

The traditional push campaign flow looks as follows: users see your push ad targeted at them, click on the link within, open the offer page, and make a purchase. This scheme is still alive in 2022.

Another way of monetizing push traffic is redirecting users to messengers and social networks with a link inside the notification. The messenger can be used as a warm-up lander: such funnels have many layers with “VIP” chat rooms and “exclusive content”. This is especially relevant to such verticals as education, casino, and betting when themed channels are supervised by moderators who share success stories and winning strategies.

Push Traffic 2022 Affiliates affiliate marketing yep ads push notification

Moreover, push ads are often used as an additional monetization tool for other promotional methods. For example, you attract users to your landing page with a banner, make them interested with an advertorial, then get their contact data with a lead form.

Useful tips for your campaigns

  • When you purchase push traffic from an ad network, bid higher than the suggested minimum. The default bid is usually very low, and such a campaign will attract low-quality traffic that will not allow you to unlock the true potential of your campaign flow.
  • With big-scale campaigns, it is better to choose CPM over CPC, since you are more likely to overpay for traffic when you pay per click from the beginning. Another good idea is to use more complex payment models such as Smart CPC that optimize your bid based on a slew of pre-set rules.
  • Make sure to test multiple creatives with different approaches: you never know what sort of visual content will appeal to your audience.
  • The so-called clickability of your creative alongside a catchy headline — is the ultimate combo for a successful push ad. These notifications are small and easy to close with a single swipe, so your goal is to come up with something that will catch the users’ eye and make them want to see more.
  • Pay attention to your timing: there is no one-size-fits-all rule for this one, simply listen to common sense.
  • The age of subscription matters: this means that fresh subscribers are more likely to stay attentive and yield to your efforts than old ones. However, there may be annual retargeting campaigns (seasonal sales, for example) when it is better to opt for a trusted database that has already shown good conversion rates.
  • And last but not least, don’t be too pushy with push ads: send too many, and you will likely lose the user instead of retaining them.

Despite their simple appearance, push ads can be a powerful tool for attracting, converting, and then retaining users within various verticals. Give them a try, while keeping things personalized and well-targeted — and this format will not disappoint you. Send us a line in case you need assistance.

Yours truly, the Yep Ads team!