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Event Marketing Explained

When it comes to marketing, events are like extra oil to your conversion fire. While a single event gives a temporary boost, there are tons of events, both worldwide and local. By learning the tricks of event marketing, you can rev up your campaigns to their max potential. In this article, we’ll go through some of the most noteworthy holidays and sports-related events that will be a good start for you.

Moreover, we’ll explain how events affect consumer behavior and how you can capitalize on 5 factors, driving their decision to purchase. At the end of the article, we’ll provide some tips & hints on how you can squeeze the most out of your event marketing efforts.

Event-Based Marketing Explained

When it comes to marketing, events serve as a traffic booster. There are tons of events worldwide: holidays, sports finals, international games, product presentations, press conferences, etc. Let’s also not forget about locally popular events, like English Derby Days, cricket & kabaddi in India, and Orthodox Christmas. Whenever you align your campaigns with such special days, you add the potential of event marketing to your toolbox.

People love to celebrate, for example, they are ready to spend almost $900 for the winter holidays on average. As for sports fans, they are very emotion-driven and thus tend to spend more on a whim. And even something that sounds as dull as a “product presentation” can become a major traffic magnet: think of the hype levels both online and offline when Apple drops any new device.

Wise affiliate marketers should capitalize on events. Even if you prefer driving traffic to offers that are not time-bound, event marketing still has some perks to offer. Events can be beneficial for your ad campaigns in many ways:

  • Boost the conversion rate and profit: more engaged users — more leads to convert
  • Simplify discovering new verticals: with all that profit “lying around” thanks to a wide and engaged audience — it’s a great time to try out a new niche
  • Expand to new audience segments: new or unusual trending events — new leads to convert
  • Search traffic amplifier: even if you don’t run ads related to a specific event (The World Cup, for instance), the surges in search traffic will still benefit ASO, SEO, or PPC campaigns within the vertical or for similar offers (sports-related merchandise or sports betting

What Events Are Sure to Attract Traffic 

Let’s go through some of the most popular events that are definitely worth your attention if you want to run event marketing campaigns. We have compiled a goldmine of big events that you can use for mapping out your ad campaigns for the whole year. Benefit from our experience, take your pick, research the ins and outs of the events, and make sure to prepare your promos and funnels in advance.

International holidays:

Local holidays:

Global sports events:

Local sports events:

Event-related hype can benefit almost any vertical: sports events are great for betting, eSports, iGaming, and eCommerce. Nowadays, people tend to watch the games online via different streaming platforms more often, which is why VPNs, Antivirus solutions, Ad Blockers, and other types of software enjoy increasing popularity. In the case of Utilities offers, for instance, traffic spiked by 20% during the World Cup.

One more thing to note: though the big events draw a lot of attention as a whole, the game finals, like Super Bowl, contribute the most to traffic increase. We do not imply that you should focus on showdowns only, but they do attract the most attention (and the most competition among marketers, too).

As for the holidays, they are great for promoting eCommerce, Travel, Finance, Home renovation, and even Gaming. Besides holidays and sports, events can be related to politics, awards, astronomy, and a whole lot of other things. Basically, any day has at least several events or reasons for a celebration at one GEO or another, but in terms of marketing endeavors, it’s best to focus your efforts on the big game.

Consumer Behavior vs. Event Marketing

Consumer behavior is influenced by 5 major factors, namely psychology, society, culture, personality, and economy. Event marketing manages to score in most of them, let’s take a closer look at the breakdown:

  • Psychology: hunting for a discount, placing a bet on the favorite team, or spinning the wheel of fortune all have a distinct psychological element to them — people are driven by their emotions and desires.
  • Society: if everybody around you celebrates something, you are naturally inclined to join in.
  • Culture: values and beliefs shape a person’s behavior, like in the case of the aforementioned Dia de los Muertos in Mexico.
  • Personality: corporates might opt for a luxury car and suit, artists will be inclined toward a vintage vehicle and Bohemian attire, while sports fans will likely be obsessed with their team’s merchandise.
  • Economy: special offers on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other sale promotions attract both those who can’t afford pricey items and those who can, but pride themselves on being thrifty and rational. 

By tapping into these consumers’ motivators, you’ll be able to predict their needs better and, hopefully, cater to them with extra precision.

People want to spend their money on holidays. They want to get out of the loop, and shopping is the easiest way to treat themselves to something nice. As of 2024, online and brick-and-mortar methods of shopping go toe-to-toe, each boasting unique advantages. Still, people majorly read online reviews before buying anything, offline as well. This makes review sites and content with a UGC vibe a great choice for sales season ad campaigns.

Events enjoy temporary self-sustaining hype. Your job as an affiliate is to tap into its potential by preparing in advance. Preparation goes beyond just user databases, creatives, and tested campaign funnels; ideally, you would have data and experience from the previous year’s event. Basically, your preparation for the next year’s event begins when its current one ends.

Traffic volume grows, but so does the competition. Nevertheless, the number of users willing to celebrate, buy more stuff, or watch a broadcast outweighs the competition. In fact, you can opt for pretty basic creatives, like “Will he score?”, “Who would win?”, or “Fight of the year in two days!”

Best Ways of Capitalizing on Events

How to get the most out of your event marketing efforts? Let’s go through the main tips & hints we’ve compiled specially for you.

  • Monitor the key events and trends, they are not that difficult to find, but even a slice of those traffic volumes can become a nice profit booster.
  • Discuss capping in advance to optimize your traffic flow, or work with Yep Ads and enjoy high caps by default.
  • For sports events, focus on one GEO, ideally the one hosting a tournament. Alternatively, opt for a country, where the fan base is strong, e.g, football in Brazil or kabaddi in India. Don’t forget to contact your manager for extra info.
  • Split traffic between advertisers for extra safety, or just work with Yep Ads — we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.
  • Use established hashtags. Most of the events have their official hashtags which can be leveraged for social media promotions.
  • Prepare in advance, as you won’t have time during the event: accounts, apps, landers, databases, creatives, warm-up emails, SMS, themed communities, and chats — make sure your tools are at hand. Also, use PageSpeed Insights to make sure your pages are optimized and can withstand the traffic influx.
  • Test beforehand, too. Once again, most of the events have a short time window, so you won’t have enough time for testing or optimization during the event.
  • Add keywords and high-trust links if you’re into SEO. Ideally, snatch a well-sounding domain that can drive in tons of accidental search traffic, like or something similar.

The biggest recommendation we have for all our readers is to frequent our blog for extra articles to complement your event marketing expertise. It can be combined with the knowledge of user psychology; viral marketing, which is partially event-based on its own; or super-cool tools to unleash one’s creativity. Remember us talking about increased indulgence? Why not try out underdog traffic sources, they might be just what you need during an event or holiday.


Even if you’re doing well with more slow-paced offers, events and holidays are still worth your time and effort. Besides boosting your campaign performance, they are a great reason to try out new verticals. Even within your current verticals, you can try out new settings, approaches, and GEOs to test your marketing prowess and, perhaps, find an even more lucrative niche for yourself.

We bet on your success at Yep Ads, which is why we are always ready to share our expertise on where our offers are expected to convert better. With the help of Yep Ads and event marketing converting users is just easier. In case of any confusion, drop us a line — we’ll help.