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Thoughts on Affiliate World Global

Affiliate World Global conferences have long become the biggest international events in the affiliate marketing industry. Sheer numbers are baffling — this year, Affiliate World Dubai has attracted 6,648 attendees and 204 exhibitors from all over the globe. And it’s not surprising — it’s been two years since the affiliate marketing community had a chance to meet, talk ideas, and relax in real life.

We would like to share our view on the biggest affiliate event of the year, let us recap on the city and venue, speakers and exhibitors, trends and, of course, spectacular parties.


For a few days, Dubai became the center of the affiliate world instead of Bangkok or Barcelona, traditional for AWG. Dubai seems to have it all for business, relaxation, and new cultural experiences.

The venue, Dubai World Trade Center, is one of the staples of the business side of Dubai. The conference felt just right in terms of navigation and schedule: many people who are excited to meet each other, but no crowds. It was easy to find all the exhibitors, get a drink, or schedule a meeting with potential partners. 

It’s hard to imagine an Affiliate World conference without a myriad of parties, and a slew of side attractions to boot. We were really happy to contribute — Yep Ads has also hosted an invite-only VIP yacht party for our affiliates.

Exhibition and speakers

AWG conferences are events where one can meet representatives of almost every company in the affiliate marketing industry. All offer verticals and various affiliate services were represented in Dubai.

This has been a perfect conference for the Yep Ads team, we managed to meet with our friends and partners as well as to pursue new business opportunities.

Hottest topics

AWG speakers traditionally cover various verticals and niches, this conference has been no exception. Here are a few topics that we think you need to watch when the recordings come live. These we liked the most.

  • Use of advanced tools to identify low-competition and boost conversions.
  • How to cover the reporting gap from lack of third-party data.
  • The best approaches to copywriting.
  • How to make data-driven promo materials.
  • Team psychology and how to manage a company with numerous employees.
  • Differences between leadership styles.
  • Ways to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Key takeaways and trends to note:

  • Dating industry is still alive and kicking. Dating products are still very much in demand and networks offer decent payouts.
  • Beauty products are on the rise, especially in the Middle East and North Africa region.
  • Organic traffic and SEO are hot for gaming offers as never before.
  • You can use traffic signals to improve the marketplace rankings of your e-commerce campaigns. It’s also possible to manipulate your product feed to boost your CR with Google Shopping and Amazon.
  • Sweepstakes are going strong with more GEO coverage that gives affiliates more opportunities.
  • White-hat offers, especially in lead generation, are on fire as more and more affiliates choose predictability and stability of profits. This trend mostly covers general demand products like insurance, home renovation, solar panels, etc.


Affiliate World Dubai became another big and loud conference that you would expect from the AWG team. Luxurious parties and venues, quality accommodation, and good planning — all true. Of course, all who have attended this conference found enough business and pleasure opportunities in Dubai that has emerged as a new center of gravity for many industries over the past years. But what is most important, for many within the industry this conference became a chance to finally meet with friends and partners after two years of restrictions and lockdowns. Affiliate World Dubai has been a success, and we at Yep Ads are looking forward to their next conference.