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Yep Ads Integrates Pixel Tracking for Facebook and Google

As affiliate marketers, you know that campaign tracking is the best way to monitor, manage and maximize campaign performance.

That is why Yep Ads has just integrated Pixel Tracking functionality which enables our Facebook and Google Ads publisher partners to track ad performance in real-time.

Specifically, Pixel Tracking enables:

  • Real-time optimization of user groups based on recent sales and conversions on all CPA campaigns including Leads, Sales, Enrollment, etc.
  • Optimization of multiple Facebook sources based on click origin
  • Supporting all campaign verticals including Nutra, E-Commerce, Casino and more
  • Optimization across multiple Facebook accounts dynamically with different Pixel IDs
  • Publishers to create lookalike audiences to resemble best performing customer segments, yielding higher Return On Ad Spend (ROAD). Yep Ads has a proven track record of increasing profitability by at least 200% through real-time optimizations for Facebook and Google publishers.
  • Adding value for Facebook and Google professionals who are already making use of Facebook and Google’s unique optimization features

For more information or to start adding pixel tracking to your campaigns, reach out to your Yep Ads affiliate account manager today OR contact us at [email protected].