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YepCast EP.1 – Maintaining a business during crisis

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For our first YepCast episode, we talked with Yep Ads CEO, Jeroen Rozemeijer and Yep Ads COO, Nelson Cheung about the impact of Covid -19 in the affiliate marketing industry and how companies like Yep Ads can evolve during times of crisis like the one we’ve been going through.

As they both commented, things like audience engagement, strategic spending, network communication, business survival planning were all impacted by the latest happenings and had to be re-considered thoroughly.

When asked how the company adapted to the situation, Nelson said: “preparation is our adaptation”. He added that at Yep Ads, they are used to think of various scenarios including planning for the worst, then plan some more via investing in technology, believing in people by recruiting strong staffing and constantly looking at operational efficiencies. “Just because something isn’t broken doesn’t mean we cannot find new ways to improve the workflow within each member in the chain of process”.

Concerning the maintenance and growth of the company, Jeroen stated that maintaining and growing the business requires focus, consistency, ongoing business development and perpetual effort to learn. He also affirmed that when building a company, crisis and turmoil are not such unexpected events, but what differentiates a great company from a good one is how such events are handled. One of Yep Ads’ strengths lies in their ability to face challenges with a unified vision & voice, and a clear communication of that vision to all their worldwide team members and partners.

Nelson also added that the company manages growth like a farmer nurtures their crops, in other words, by putting strong faith in their logical process, their talented people, and business code of ethics. But also, by always feeding knowledge to their team and partners, searching for new ways to do things better, looking for new regions to plant their seeds to grow opportunities. Yep Ads strives to be the organization that partners can trust to grow their business and to support them when times get tougher.

When asked what they expect from this Q3 and the upcoming Q4, they both said to expect the unexpected. Nevertheless, the Yep Ads team will keep a close monitoring on each region to spot patterns and will continue to invest more in vertical development and technology. Together with this, they will also keep looking to grow their team with talented individuals.

For more insights and to get some tips on how to maintain and grow your business in these challenging times, listen to the full interview on our first YepCast episode.

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