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YepCast EP.2 – 5 years of greatness

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The second episode of YepCast is here and it’s already an anniversary! As the company is approaching its 5-year milestone, we’ve talked with Yep Ads CEO, Jeroen Rozemeijer, and Yep Ads COO, Nelson Cheung, and discussed their experiences and thoughts on what it takes to build a truly diverse company that has endured in the everchanging affiliate marketing industry and still strives towards greatness every single day.

From the very beginning, Yep Ads was a company aimed for greatness above all things, and it is no easy task. Nelson told us about the challenges and problems that stood in front of him and Jeroen and how they overcame them by being a better, more diverse, and technology-driven enterprise.

Being an international company with offices all over the world Yep Ads has a unique perspective on other cultures and business insight achievable only by being everywhere at once. This comes with its own set of challenges but being a truly international company never intended to be easy. Such an approach gives the opportunity to work with people from a variety of backgrounds and provide flexibility to the company. As for Nelson, Yep Ads’ global reach helps create a unique community of people driven towards self-improvement and development.

We did not start this company 5 years ago just to be a mediocre affiliate marketing company, we wanted to build something with impact”, —  In Jeroen’s opinion the core value and asset of a company are its people, goal-oriented, driven and eager people who are devoted to creating a great and impactful company.

When asked about the surprises that Yep Ads encountered throughout its 5-year journey Nelson said that pretty much everything was a surprise, as everything was different from his previous experiences, and the only thing he could expect was the unexpected, and that drove him towards self-development.

For Jeroen, the surprise was the number of talented people that are active in this industry building companies at a fairly young age, but also people in Yep Ads carrying big responsibilities and being able to do great things when they are still relatively young.

And finishing was two very simple and yet wise pieces of wisdom from Jeroen and Nelson. When asked: “What would you advice yourself 5 years ago?”, both of them gave a different, and yet great answer that all of us should consider.

For more insights into the history of Yep Ads and lessons learned from five years in the turbulent world of affiliate marketing, listen to the full version, and find out more!

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