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YepCast EP.5 – Online Events and Networking during a Pandemic

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In our fifth episode, together with Akram Hamam (better known as Akie) the founder of ABC, Affiliate Business Club, we dive into online events and how networking changed during the pandemic.

In the affiliate marketing industry, we are used to travelling and meeting people at conferences all over the world. As a matter of fact, face to face networking is at the basis of our business, and one of its most important components. However, the pandemic caused most conferences and events to be cancelled or postponed until, hopefully, 2021. Hence, event organizers had to move quickly to find alternative solutions to adapt to the current situation and turned in-person conferences into online events.

As event organizers, Akie and his team followed the same trend and wasted no time in moving online some of the events they had already planned at the beginning of the year. In only 40 days, from the beginning of the lockdown in Europe, they managed to host their first virtual event. What made them successful in this sense is for sure their promptness but also the knowledge they had gained until that moment. Akie and his team had in fact seen the big potentials of online events and worked in the year preceding the pandemic to make those part of their overall strategy.

Online events come, however, with pros and cons. On one hand, online events are “easier”, and more cost-efficient to organize and to attend, which makes it globally accessible to a lot more people. On the other hand, it is challenging to keep the audience engaged and to do networking as we were used to.

Akie and his team have responded to the networking challenges by launching a new ABC platform, a hybrid between a social network, LinkedIn, and a social learning experience. This gives the chance to people from the field to learn new skills and network all year round without the need to meet in person. Are you curious to know more? Then sign up here

If you are interested to know more about how to organize events and you would like to get some tips on how to best network during these times make sure to listen to the full episode here. It is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Stay tuned!

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