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YepCast EP.6 – Rounding up 2020 and Getting Ready for 2021

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Welcome back to the sixth episode of YepCast! We are once again joined by Jeroen and Nelson to help us reflect on the 2020 year and the impact it had on the affiliate marketing world. We are also getting a sneak peak as to what Yep Ads has planned for the 2021 year.

2020 was filled with many unexpected challenges and obstacles, while some companies suffered during this time, others adapted and thrived. For global business the pandemic was the great equalizer, it exposed many weak points of every system and organization, but in turn also revealed character and persistence of other great companies. In the last YepCast, we discussed the lessons learnt from the new way of working with the team adopting the hybrid & remote mindset, to help survival and sustainability of working relationships.

Whether remote working, human isolation, or bombardment of news, all of these factors affect the way people functioned. Overnight companies and their teams had to adopt a new process to overcome the problems associated with such changes. And as mentioned in our last YepCast, the best way to deal with such problems is through “communication and support”. As we have learned, the foundation of our survival during this crisis is increase communication, and increase level of support for the team. By channeling more resources and efforts in this manner we help create the bond in human spirit, and connection that we will all need to get through this together.

When asked if 2020 met Jeroen’s expectations, the CEO of YepAds told us that this was the most unpredictable year, yet it managed to bring solid results and the company now is growing and striving to reach future goals. In 2021 the ambition runs high with YepAds, with plans to develop new and existing verticals, attract new talent, and grow its size and scope in the affiliate marketing industry.

While hoping things are slowly getting back to the new normal, in 2021 we will begin to once again see each other face to face, Jeroen is positive that once things normalize the industry will show rapid growth, and those who seize the opportunity will flourish.

As mentioned by Nelson COO YepAds, 2020 has shown us that E-commerce is the biggest trend for years to come, as more and more people are climatized to the new format of consumer demand online. This will enviably create more momentum and activity in the online space. Once the crisis phase passes the companies left standing will have the best chance to gain more market share, YepAds has vision to pioneer that success, by developing, growing and attracting new talent.

But as the year draws to a close, both Jeroen and Nelson wished all of us to surround ourselves with the people we love, celebrate the good in this troublesome year, take a moment to reflect on 2020 as we welcome 2021 with a new mindset, let us not count the days when crisis is over, but let us instead make each day we have count to the fullest.

Stay tuned!

Yep Ads team