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YepCast EP.7 – How to Become a Top Affiliate Marketer – Interview with Attila O’dree

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In our seventh episode of YepCast together with Attila O’dree, one of the top affiliate marketers in the world, we dive into his story and how he became the expert he is today. Attila shares some insights and tips on how to become a successful affiliate. 

Attila has been in the affiliate marketing industry for a very long time. Everything started back in the ‘90s when he was only 15. What is surprising is that, back then, he wasn’t even aware that what he was doing was affiliate marketing. In 2008 affiliate marketing became his main job. Today he is considered in the industry a “legend” and he owns several online businesses that help affiliates in their activities, like Banners & Landers, a page design service; Iamattila, his own blog where he shares insights on the business; Iamaffiliate, a premium affiliate community & more.|

What sets Attila apart from other top affiliates is that he is approachable and is always open and happy to help others. He is a strong believer in karma and thinks that “what goes around comes around”. 

In the episode, he affirms that being an affiliate is not an easy job as it requires many different micro-skills (e.g. designing on photoshop, coding, setting up domains, etc.). Next to these technical skills, being creative and business savvy is also very important. 

But is it really necessary to know all these skills before starting as an affiliate? According to Attila’s experience, it is not. Certainly, the budget you have at your disposal will also determine how much you can outsource and how many tasks you’ll need to be able to do yourself. However, for those who are eager to learn the necessary skills, Attila suggests watching YouTube videos – he even learned how to fix spark plugs on a Porsche (pretty amazing!). 

If you are thinking of starting a career as an affiliate or you would like to step up your game in the affiliate business, make sure to listen to the full episode. Spoiler: Attila also shares some unique industry insights and key trends he sees will be doing well in 2021. 

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