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YepCast EP.8 – Tips and Tricks for High-Converting Landers

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In our eighth episode of YepCast together with Attila O’dree, one of the top affiliate marketers in the world and founder of Banners&Landers, we discuss the importance of landers in the affiliate marketing industry. Attila shares some insights and tips on how to create high-converting landers. 

In affiliate marketing, high-converting landing pages are crucial. As an affiliate, you need to optimize your lander in a way that attracts as many actions from the users as possible. There are many services that can help affiliates achieve the best results and earn more money, such as Banners&Landers that has been in business since 2014.

Attila explains what important aspects affiliates need to consider when creating and working on landers before launching a campaign. As we also discussed in our previous YepCast episode, being an affiliate requires many different micro-skills (including designing, coding, etc.) but according to Attila, it’s not important to know them all. For instance, learning how to design landers and how to code is quite a challenge and therefore it is more time-cost efficient to outsource these more technical tasks. 

Attila also mentions that A-B testing the landers is very important. During the episode, he shares some useful insights on how to best A-B test landers and on which variables to focus on. 

Are you interested in getting more tips and tricks about how to create high-converting landers? Would you like to know how Banners&Landers can help you with their services? Then listen to the full episode!

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