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YepCast EP.9 – Email Marketing Tips & Tricks – Interview with Jens Henke

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In our ninth episode of YepCast, together with Jens Henke, we dive into his story as an affiliate marketer and how he has become the email marketing expert he is today. Jens has been in the affiliate marketing world for a very long time, more than 10 years. In 2016, he founded Glomotra, an e-mail data monetization company which helps its partners to manage and monetize e-mail leads. 

According to Jens, to become a successful affiliate marketer it is key to stay humble and be able to listen to people. He mentions that knowledge is earned by two main factors: continuously testing yourself and learning from the experiences of other experts in the field.

Jens suggests that if you want to start working as an affiliate but have a limited budget, you should first have a basic knowledge of all the technical skills needed to run campaigns (eg: how to set up the tracker, how to create a lander, etc.). According to him, having an overall knowledge of the hard skills will eventually help you – in the next steps of your business growth- to outsource and find the right people for that specific task, cause at this point you will know exactly which skills they need to have. 

Regarding the chore of his business, email marketing, he explains that this certainly has its advantages and disadvantages. According to Jens, one of the biggest advantages is cost-efficiency as you can reuse the same audience several times at a very low cost.

In this episode, he also shares his thoughts about what he expects the upcoming verticals will be and the developments in the market.  

If you are thinking of starting a career as an affiliate or you would like to step up your game in the affiliate business with a special focus on email traffic, make sure to listen to the full episode.

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